4 Small Pleasures, I enjoy.

Small pleasures are not extravagant, but they feel like a luxurious escape when you are surrounded by stress.

Small pleasures do not have to be free, nor do they have to be costly.

Small pleasures are easily accessible to you, they do not cause any further inconvenience or stress to obtain or achieve.

Here are some examples of my SMALL pleasures:

1.) Taking a warm shower and immediately after dressing myself in thick comfortable socks and pajamas or a soft robe.

  • Sometimes I will use a hair mask right before showering to pamper myself. This hair mask from LUSH is my favorite, but you can easily substitute it with coconut oil for a cheaper fix.
  • I also enjoy taking extra time to moisturize with cocoa butter or a thick lotion after a shower.

2.) Making a cup of tea. Even the process is calming and entirely relaxing. The sound of a whistling pot, steeping a tea bag and settling down with a warm mug in my hands.

3.) Lighting a candle. Lighting candles create a sense of calmness. The flickering light dancing across the walls of an otherwise dark room makes a living space feel warm, cozy and sets a relaxing atmosphere.

candle-1080428_19204.) Finely chopping foods. From diced onions to small pieces of poultry, I enjoy finely chopping foods for small, carefully curated single servings of food. This is a very specific indulgence, but I find cooking alone is an incredibly relaxing experience that places me in a clear, focused head space.


Picture from Pixabay

Dicing, slicing, chopping, these are fine motor tasks that require focus, and calmness to achieve.


  • Making stew. Cooking stews and soups can warm up a household or living space. Creating a stew requires finely chopping various vegetables, herbs etc; this is why I especially enjoy cooking stews.
  • Here are some links to my favorite stew and soup recipes: 

Cream of Cabbage & Potato Soup

Irish Beef Stew

‘Sunday Night Stew’

Old-Fashioned Beef Stew 

In creating this short list, I found a resounding theme; warmth. From warm showers and warm cups of tea to lighting a candle to warm up my apartment.

Create your own list of SMALL indulgences and share if you find your own theme.



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