The Millenial Minimalist Series: Closet Essentials

From to Steve Jobs and former President Barack Obama to fashion icons like Vera Wang and Sophia Coppola. Successful personalities have been known to follow a semi-fluid uniform regime. Is this because minimalism and low-waste wardrobes are the new ‘fashion forward’ look? Perhaps, however, most tycoons of industry reason that cutting down on wardrobe decisions can contribute to the sharpness of other decisions they make throughout their day. So if you too want to sharpen your decision-making skills this year, here are some closet guidelines that will make choosing your outfit, quick easy and efficient.


  • Blazer: not just for formal events,  a blazer can polish up any casual look and can even convey a sense of importance.
  • Comfortable jeans: everyone needs a pair of kick back jeans, not just for lounging around, but for essential tasks like shopping and running errands that would quite frankly look strange in slacks.
  • Plain White Tee– Yours can be a v-neck or a scoop, but this closet essential is perfectly paired with both semi-professional outfits, as well as comfy casual looks. Make sure you have a backup for this essential, as plain white tees tend to get not-so-white with use and wear.
  • Combat Boot– a sturdy work boot has proven to be essential in my wardrobe more than once; (hiking, moving, hands-on construction projects). Combat Boots are also making their way into many stylish lookbooks in 2017, combining functionality with fashion to make one versatile closet essential.
  • Trench coat- While a leather jacket is perfect to throw on to explore your local dive bars with friends, a classic trench is essential to wear over semi-formal outfits. J.Crew and Nordstrom provide a great selection for multicolored and patterned trenches, to reflect your own style and personality.

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