Food Economics

“Do you think this will be enough?” ,”Is this too much?” ,”Should I grab one more?” ,”Should I put this back?”; These are the questions I hear flooding from a grocery checkout line in a college town chockfull of newly independent millennials. Whilst most of us have learned through painstaking trial and error exactly how much pasta to boil for one, or when not to add  that second bullion cube, here are some tips and tricks if you’re cooking for one.

  • If its perishable, don’t hesitate to make it and eat it later. “Should I sauté all these mushrooms right now?” — YES. Sauté the mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, spinach etc; If you don’t use all of them for the meal you are making, them you can always ZipLock them for late use. Perfect for that morning omelette, or to throw into some pasta for lunch.
  • Spice up your pantry! Spices are an investment, buy them now, thank yourself later. Wondering why you can’t seem to replicate that recipe your mom makes so well? Why no matter how much butter you add, your meals just don’t hit the spot? Spice rack.
  • Leave pre-packaged food on conveyer belt. Do not succumb to the temptation of frozen dinners! These ‘convenient’ meals will not only add up at the waist line, but will surely add up at the checkout line.
  • Buy non-perishables IN BULK. If you find yourself reaching for the  $2 box of Minute-Rice every shopping trip, walk a couple isles down and opt for a 10lb bag of rice. Buying in bulk is not only cost efficient, it is actually more convenient than running out for a smaller seemingly ‘cheaper’ box of rice for every other meal. This tip also applies to perishables if they are a frequent staple in your diet. (Beans, onions, potatoes etc;)

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